Collection: Part 3

Referral Work

To do:

1.. (DONE)

2. Upload 10 images different to those you already uploaded. Some of these should be of artist working within the theme you are interested in (5+) and the rest related to other fields related to your theme, for instance articles in the press.

3. For every work uploaded, ensure you have included text written by a reviewer, critic or by the artists themselves. Highlight key passages within these texts that interest you. then write your own thoughts about how this work is useful to your theme.

4. In your sketchbook, mark a new page saying 'Referral work.' Develop two different possible outcomes for the project. Add annotation to drawing to explain concept and technical considerations.

5. Write a 400-work evaluation of the referral task called 'Referral evaluation'. and upload a digital copy to Moodle. Describe what you have learnt from the task. You can refer to the previous notes given to help you write the main 500 work evaluation.  

George Platt Lynes



Paul Richmond

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 14.48.32.png

Eric Carter


Queer biritish art tate

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 14.44.35.png

Damien Blottiere X Bruce Labruce


Grayson perry