Part 3

Referral Work



From this Referral task it has really challenged me to push myself with my research and the importance of research in order to back up an idea. I do know that it is essential to have research but from my learning and academic side it has been dominated by other parts of my brain. As well as this from my dyslexia I have found reading very difficult, Somehow I managed not to get the grade for English literature at A-level. I find it very difficult to stay focused on one task even more so with reading. I haven’t managed to read a whole page without getting distracted or randomly staring into the corner of the room for 10 minutes and then think ‘what was I doing again’. I decided to go to the CSM library and take out a book and actually read and get quotes. The book was called ‘masculinity and male homosexuality in Britain 1861-1913’. From this book I have learned good quotes to use to back up my point but not only that to inspire other ideas. I wouldn’t think that literature could inspire me to push my ideas further but It had and effect weather I could explore new ideas. Such as deeper in-depth with ‘masculinity’ with the ideas or ‘roles’ being put in place by being masculine.

Also from doing more extensive research I am pretty obsessed with Grayson Perry, if its not for his use of humour in his artwork he has defiantly inspired me. After watching lots of interviews his explanation of how the male brain works has got me a better understanding of myself and my learning, with questions like ‘What do I want to say?’ as an artist becoming a looming question. One key component of this referral task was the outcome as I do agree it needed more development. And I do feel that the way in which the artwork is executed is key. For me it was to create an end result that was a little booklet that had the raw photography in there. A photo album if you will.

Paul Richmond

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 14.48.32.png

Paul Richmonds.
portrait aspect on the ideas of identity which is what a portrait basically is. 
the way in which it is painted with texture
 ofs the relation to my theme. but in this case the focus isn't on sex much like the other artisti i have looked at such as tom of finland. 
its more about picking up the texture used in the painting which i want o continue. a lot of my work is very flat so texture would give it another element. especially as my original final outcome was just a portrait.  
in contrast to the literal work i have been looking at (photography) i feel that my work, could do with some artistic perspective. before i have felt that 'painting is dead' as technology has moved on and so the ability to make more work at a faster rate. but i do feel taking a step back that using older techniques gives the work more of a soul as not everyone can paint but everyone can take a photograph. 

Damien Blottiere X Bruce Labruce

bruce la bruce x  Damien Blottiere.jpg.1

These visuals for me I love so much. Not only the original content of the photography by Bruce Labruce but in company the collage by Damien Blottiere. 
Bruce Labruce's work is the raw and 'uncut' if you will. Pictured below is original uncut photographs by Bruce Labruce. Bruce's work is Pornographic based and for the images i'm showing you uses blood in a sexual nature. personally i'm not driven by the ideas of blood being used in pornographic images and it doen'ts spark anything for me. Taking this idea from an artist perspective the ideas of blood are very strong especially within the gay community. With serious sexual diseases such as HIV and Aids (Which had a huge effect on the LGBT community in the 80's aids crisis). blood as an concept carries that ideas of death not only from HIV as i have mentioned but the ideas of being in pain/suffering. 
From Bruce's work i really want to take in the idea of blood or bodily fluids into my work. weather it is ingrained into the work or just made of the substance. personally i feel that is is more effective to use grotesque bodily fluids in a subtle way so that its not until the work has been explained that it comes apparent. 
If i had more time to re-do the project i would have been experimenting different ways to use bodily fluids within my art. atm im thinking if the ideas of dying a fabric using blood or using it like a film to change the colour. along the lines of Andres Serrano with his famous 'Piss Christ' 


IMG_6141 2.JPG
Now about Damien Blottiere's work. I really like his work in combination with Bruce's work. I feel that collage as an art is way undervalued. It's a way or repurposing images to create a visual. its great as the idea of having the perfect photo wont matter ad you can combine various images together to create an image that would otherwise not be possible to make. In my previous work i have used collages as a technique not not as heavy in this project. i do wish to continue using collages and more so with this project. my initial ideas of this project was to make it fashion based and i feel with the ideas of collaging and photographical work has a nice play in with creating a fashion image.  
From the standpoint of Burce Labruce the ideas of sex and bodily fluids id like to continue with this project.
from the standpoint of Damien Blottiere's works id really like to create more collages using my own photography.  
IMG_6142 2.JPG
 Scan 75.jpeg

Eric Carter


This photograph by Eric Carter uses the same black and white photography that i've been looking at but with this photograph its more natural and realistic. i like the fact at how it uses up to date modern ideas of what a gay man is. especially with the realistic of underwear which i haven't seen in the other artist's work. the 'jockstrap' has been staple to the gay mans wardrobe. originating from sport to protect the crown jewels from being damaged. the gay man has sexualised this staple item in sport. jockstraps are considered to be masculine from at how it is used in sports. From the sexualisation of masculinity in Tom of Finland's previous work ir has slowly become very relevant to sex and sexuality in gay men.  

i'd like to explore more ideas of gay mans underwear potentially making some or translating my work to garments. 

Gay Nightlife

'Macho' and 'The Exactitudes'

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 01.05.52.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 01.06.00.png

From the Grayson Perry interview the word 'Macho' kept popping up. i just thought as a work it was really interesting and very unused as of now to describe masculinity. Upon immediate search of  the word macho this was the result on google images. 

I think what is interesting is that with google the recommendations of similar images being searched up, is used based upon the when the word 'macho' has been used on a website not based upon AI tech being able to distinguish images. 

Before i looked at 'The exactitudes', which is artwork that comes in collections of similar people presented next to each other on a grid like format. Displayed below examples. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 22.46.07.png.1

LEFT: 'Manipulators' 1997                  RIGHT: 'Bears' 2008 

 From the works there are strong links to google despite google wasn't really a thing when the exactitudes started making their collections. 

The thing i love about the work is that is that it enforces the ideas of everyone being very similar despite being 'unique in their own special way'. From looking at the work above i was looking closely at the idea of masculinity and which one was diffrent. making myself being the judgemental one unintentionally. It made me think of the Grayson perry interview where i quote

'when you become a man become and adolescent particular 14 year old boys you look at the way they patrol each other and if they step out of line, and they’ve touched almost touched almost an invisible electric fence that says sissy.' . 

From this work it immediacy for me backed up the quote by Grayson Perry. The ideas of them being restricted based around others perceptions in which i am a part of. if not part of the reason why masculinity is considered 'toxic'. 

From this work I like the idea of categorising similar people in a collection. Previously i have done this with the project by categorising people, but with this case id like it to be more accurate to the point where it is almost an instinctive 'spot the difference'. 

Untitled copy.png

Queer biritish art tate

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 14.44.35.png

Video Research

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 00.03.41.png


Collection of videos I have watched for research. Videos I find are better for my learning, especially interviews. 

George Platt Lynes


now this image is completely different mostly with the context to the other 'George Platt Lynes' photograph.

From this image i get humour aspects as well as a serious tone underneath. 

The models in the photo both being naked in a non embracing nature fro me shows ideas of vulnerability. being naked is when a human is presented in their raw form. theres no hiding when your naked. which is what i'm feeling is going on the senario george platt lynes is trying to create. the ideas of the older generation/relative having a strong judgment of the other person. in the very obvious position of literally pointing their finger in disgrace at the second figure standing in the nude.  

George Platt Lynes


Presented above is work by George Platt Lynes.
i really like this image for the raw quality. using dramatic lighting along with black and white photography really works very well. i feel that with this image it combines interracial ideas of gay men. Although the LGBT group is a minority there still is a fair amount of racism despite the general hate.
The work here being  staged i really would like to explore with my own work as my end results before weren't planned photographs which can equally be beautiful but to convey messages better it might be better to stage the photographs. . much like Ren Hangs photography the work is staged but natural looking at the same time.
particularly with this position of both men is it very intimate and boarder line sexual. when comparing it to masculinity this is far from masculine mannor.  

Grayson perry at the Photographers Gallery + Interview



 This was a visit to the photographers gallery. From this visit there was exclusive pictures from Grayson Perry's photo book of him experimenting wearing women's clothing as part of the exhibition based around the Exhibition 'A Secret History Of Cross – Dressers' at The Photographers Gallery. I really found this quote interesting to see his development and transition if you will into the presentation of a woman. especially with the time period that Grayson Perry was doing it in where his parents most likely would have been 'of the generation' of which the relationship between being un-masculine would be made of the assumption of homosexuality, which was punishable.

 From this id like to explore more of the idea of changing someones masculinity using for instance women's clothing. 

Grayson perry interview around the topic of masculinity

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 22.33.09.png


Scan 76.jpeg


Brings to mind ideas of everyone being the same. much like a ‘uniform’ as of such. 

'British LGBT History: 1800-1914

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 20.56.33.png


What is the significance of class? concepts of masculinity. The consequences of being caught. 

'Masculinity and Male Homosexuality in Britain, 1861-1913'

Scan 70.jpeg.1

Firstly i would like to comment on the actual design of this book. With yellow being associated with it being a 'sissy' colour it is quite ironic at how its about masculinity as well as homosexuality. The two contrasts of topics that do mere together in real live very much so. 

Scan 69 copy.jpeg

'Macintosh argued that homosexuality, and male homosexuality is particular, remained the of enquiry unaffected by the developments in a sociological approaches in the late 1960's'

This statement is basically saying that regardless of the social areas as well as they away of being raised. a man will be gay, no matter. It indicates that the ideas of masculinity doesn't effect if someone is gay or not. 

Scan 69 copy 2.jpeg.1

contextually at the time is was unacceptable to be homosexual. regardless a way of hiding it would to have been to pretend to be masculine and 'fit in' as you will. Gay men would marry women just so that they would fit into society. 

In families the importance of the man would be to maintain the family and a was of enforcement was to be the 'masculine' dominant one. 'man of the house'.

With this page it goes on to explain masculinity and where its 'place' is, in context to the time period we are talking about. 

'Masculinity; and the 'Importance of the family and domesticity'

'The existence of sex and sexuality between men created a dilema in a society'.  

'Homosexuals, were not considered fully masculine.'