Part 3


Thursday 12th April

Tuesday 10th April

Today I experimented with 

9th April

5th April

3rd April

2nd Apirl

29th March

Tuesday 27th March

Monday 26th March

Saturday 24th March

Today I went into CSM to work again with the 3rd year. It's great because i'm learning the skills as actually being productive at the same time. I am having a more positive outlook on things, not only because i'm working with a 3rd year but the weather is getting better. I don't want to self diagnose myself but i would say i'm not happy in the winter as much. I played more with the ipad today and started exploring with the adobe applications. I used one of the adobe drawing apps to create a graphic illustration of a tom of Finland drawing. Mainly to get used to the app but the outcome i made ended up looking like a stencil. brings me to the ideas of using my love for spray paint and loss of braincells. 

One thing about using the adobe application is at how they all connect so I can send a drawing i have done to my laptop to finish off. 

one thing that hasn't gone to plan if going to the clubs i was meant to go to. as i wanted to go with certain people but i couldn't because they said no. Id like to go off by myself but in certain environments I don't feel safe and i would feel more comfortable with someone else to go with. 

Friday 23rd March

Today I finally got the ipad. after getting the ipad i was having a play with what to do with it. General setting up and downloading applications.  I've decided to stick to the adobe apps for the main reason that all the adobe apps work with one another so i can create a design on the ipad and send it to my laptop to finish off to create the best possible graphic. I'm defiantly thinking about where i am right now and have organised some counselling that i very much need. There is an issue that I have deep down that I don't know what it is but its affecting me. Appointment is next Wednesday. 

Thursday 22nd March

A meeting with your progress this   

Did you archive all you set out to do?

Not everyhting

if not, why?

Fairy behind wit work and research. 

how can you make better use of your studio time? 


Stick to a plan fro the day. 

action plan via workflow for today?

Plan is to create more fashion design as well as find out funds for clubs to go to on Saturday/Friday. 

what do you intend to archive today?

i want to learn some pattern cutting skills as well as exploring with shapes and making designs with the basics starting from crotchless trousers. 


Today I went to kings cross for the morning to help a 3rd year student with making their test garments. I was learning basic sewing skills but it would help me out with the making of the garment. From this experience that was down to the kindness of the student it has given me a better outlook on creating. at how i just need to push myself though this phase.  

Tuesday 20th March

10 min meeting.

did you achieve all you set out to do? if not why?

how can you make better use of your studio time?

by havign a stonger work plan every day as well as gettign stright into work. 

what do you want to discuss durign the peer crits?

action plan via workflow for today?

what do you into to achive today?

how will you achive this? waht do you need? - AM + PM sessions.

Monday 19th March

Thursday 15th March

planning for today: 

For today I want to make a mood board of visuals that work with what i'm trying to explore.  


Tuesday 14th March

Today there was a lecture by Grayson Perry. I found the lecture very interesting and thought provoking. there were a lot of question about identity. it made me think about the position where i am right now with my work. thinking about the past more than the future, at how i used to be the 'big fish' in the small pond and now i'm no longer the big fish. i think about my motivation and how i've lost it over time. I used to run a daily post on my instagram called #365DaysOfCreativity of which hasn't been constant.  


Monday 12th March

today i went bus hopping around London and went to the science museum as well as the natural history museum. the exhibits were good but it wasn't what grabbed my attention that day. I was thinking bout the last time i went to those places as a child and the significance of the gift shop. 'Exit though the gift shop'. I was walking around and thinking as though i was a child again, re-living the dependency of an object at the expense of my parents money. 

Looking at the science museum's shop i really wanted the 'alien birth pods' which are sticky rubbery aliens that give birth to smaller aliens as well as slime being included. the sense of nostalgia was what i wanted i think. so i purchased this alien pod. and i was actually happy with it as though i was in the mindset of a child again.

then visiting the natural history museum which i last visited when i was around 9 years old. Again walking through the gift shop i was looking at what i wanted, not for the practical purpose an adult would make such as a fucking coaster for your tea, but for what i actually wanted and liked.

i was drawn to the dinosaurs that they were selling, the toy dinosaurs in a little box, for the pice of £10 which i couldnt' afford, so i left with a slight feeling of disappointment. why was a drawn to those dinosaurs? i have no clue but i still fucking want them. they are a significant tiny object with not purpose other than my enjoyment.     

Thursday 8th March

Tuesday 6th march

Monday 5th March

I handed in  the I-pad proposal, hopefully i'm selected as it would really benefit my work. 

Today there was talk abut the part 3 of the course. My attention was caught when they said to document any letters I might have written to companies requesting sponsorship money. But I realised that my own clothing brand products to raise money for the project. So i'm doing my research and sending emails to hopefully get this stall in central st martins. 

My project called 'masc' is a fashion project based around masculinity with homosexual men. I want to explore photography at the same time and use the photography to make prints from and develop into a garment. Taking inspiration from Tom of Finland and Ren Hang. 

Going to complete the project proposal and then find some good sources for my work as well as exhibitions going on.