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Nan Goldin

Tracy Emin

related to idea of submitting internet history.  

'self exposing'

because things weren't going well

Fashion in Heaven

The Photographers Gallery



Heaven as a gay club is one of the oldest gay clubs still running. based near charring cross station in the arches it was run 

Vist to Heavan

'Piss Christ' - Andres Serrano


'Andres Serrano's'

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Little documentary about Andres Serrano including a little back story of his work.


what i like about the work,

how it links

compare to my work



'Eddie Peake' at the white cube

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From my visit to Eddie peake exhibition in 'The White Cube' I immediately really really liked the work. 

there was so much going on within the exhibition but i'm going to focus on the photography he did (last image attached). I am obsessed with the images, not just because of the presentations of men and the relation to this project being really strong. It's more of the all red photography. Red scale photography if you will. With a strong relation to Ren Hangs work with the subject of the men being in the nude. I really like the use of red in the photography too. I makes the photograph only focus on what is being shown, with the similar effect of black and white photography but just with different shades of red to create an image. From this I want to explore more with red filtered photography where the whole image is in shades of red. 

From this I want to look into Andres Serrano's work, in particular 'Piss Christ'


Tom of Finland movie


After watching this film it gave me extensive knowledge of the history of Tom of Finland. I wasn't aware of how much of an influence he was not only on gay men's sexuality but the was in which gay men presented themselves. Taking elements of masculine men such as police officers and fetching them.  

On thing that was interesting is the time period tom started drawing his fantasies, in a time where it was completely illegal to be gay and was punishable with prison. 

Tom of Finland


The starting point for this project. I originally found this illustration from tumblr, I wasn't fully aware of who made these drawing and what and where they came from. It wasn't until I was around soho exploring the erotic shops on offer that i ran into a book about 'Tom of Finland'. I later came onto further explore his work. I wanted to use his drawings from an aesthetic point of view. the way he presents (gay) men the same was women were sexualised and objectified fulfilling fantasises that can only be shown in drawings. 

Wolfgang Tillmans

Derek Ridgers

Ryan Mcginley

Andrew Serrano

Diane Arbus

Heaven again and village

Ren Hang interview

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the camera he uses doesn't matter. high flash


'The Comptons'



Drunk Resarch


Leathermen - Rotterdam 1998 (exactitudes)

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 LINK <--

I found this website called 'exatitiudes'. Originally found from instagram i revisited it on later with the project. The work being presented here shows subcultures and a 'culture' in general that is being categorised by showing collections of similar people.  From this i get the vibes of a 'uniform' which originates from Tom of Finland fantasies. the ideas of leather begign sexualised from straight masculine bikers to bring the tom of Finland aesthetic to life. 

From this work I can take on the ideas of a 'uniform' and categorising similar images to for a collection. 


Ren Hang


Ren hang: 'photography 2015'

Ren hangs photography has a strong effect on my before of the subject of the portrait normally being presented as raw as a person can be; naked. like there is nothing to hide. the flash photography i feel compliments the energy as it's almost like the strong flash of light is like 'exposing' someone when they are presented in nature ;as vulnerable and weak. 

I can relate Ren Hang's photography to likes of Nan Golding, with the raw element o the work. It differs in the way that Ren Hang's photography is more staged where as Nan Golding's is more documentary and isn't altered to fit. 'if there was a bottle in the way I wouldn't move it' - nan golding, it was meant to be. I like this work also because of the presentations of men being a juxtaposition to society's perception of men and masculinity. my whole project is based around masculinity.   

From this work i really want to explore more with photography and flash Photography. Especially the amateur nature and aesthetic. 


Robbert MapleThorpe


From a visit on the Tate online website i cam across Robbert Maplethorpe's work.  I was looking for a 'Queer Aesthetic' to explore further. with this image in particular being based around the ideas of fetish. I really like this image for the presentation of the men. particularly with fetish wear it has a strong link to 'Tom of Finland's' illustrations for the sexualisation of leather. I like at how the image is in black and white, the saturation brings focus onto the subject more so than if it was in colour. the filter in a way takes away the distraction of colour.  I notice at how the lighting is coming from off shot mainly from the right hand side, this gives it more dramatic lighting, but contradictory to that is the lighting on the table. this light and setting of a regular home brings the fetish to an almost casual. I'd like to explore fetishism within gay, but in person in clubs. there is a lot of fetishism online that is expressed but in clubs i want to fins and explore a space that is free of judgement.